Pillow and topper offer

In order to enable you a blissful sleep, you can choose from a selection of pillows and even a mattress topper. Please contact our staff and select the one you prefer (available upon request).

SENTIDO choose your pillow

  • Pillow 1: PILLOW WITH TWO
    PILLOWCASES: Filled with silicon flakes, pillowcases out
    of nylon and cotton
  • Pillow 2: COLD FOAM PILLOW: Cold foam block 20 kg/m², very soft
    pillowcase out of nylon and cotton.
  • Pillow 3: VISCO ELASTIQUE PILLOW: Aloe Vera pillowcase, 257 g/m²,
    80 % polyester, 20 % cotton
  • Pillow 4: LATEX PILLOW: 100 % latex, pillowcase out of polyester
    and cotton, elastic and resistant,
    environmentally friendly natural

SENTIDO mattress topper offer

In all SENTIDO Hotels a mattress topper is offered upon request and an essential element of the sleep experience. The mattress topper gives an extra soft comfort and will combine two separate matrasses with each other.