Fire & Safety

Fire Safety

On your arrival, please read the “Emergency Instructions and the Evacuation Plan” located behind your door and check the location of the nearest fire escape, fire alarm and fire extinguisher.

If a fire starts in the hotel, the alarm system will set off automatically. If you hear the emergency evacuation alarm, please follow the steps mentioned below:.

  • Stay calm and do not panic
  • Touch the door in your room, if the door IS NOT HOT, open it and leave the building through the nearest fire escape.
  • Close the doors when leaving your room.

IF YOUR DOOR IS HOT, do not open it and stay in your room.

  • Call the reception (9) and inform them of the situation.
  • Place a wet towel against the door sill.
  • Stay calm and wait for the personnel on duty to arrive, If you cannot come out of your room, the most secure place is your room.

In the event of fire or smoke in your room

  • If you can, call the reception (9) immediately and inform them of your location.
  • Close the doors when leaving room.
  • Warn the guests in the rooms next to you.
  • Press the nearest fire alarm button.
  • In case of smoke on the escape route, move forward by crawling.
  • Leave the building through the nearest fire escape. Under no circumstance use the elevator.
  • If the fire is very small and you would like to help, please use the fire extinguisher located in the hose cupboard.