Any other business

  • Smoking is not allowed in any indoor location.
  • Please inform the Holiday Concierge and/or reception in case of any damages in and around the hotel.
  • In case you lost or found something, please contact the Holiday Concierge or reception.
  • Key Card: You can open your door and make the electricity work with this key card given to you by the reception during check-in. In case of losing your key card please inform the reception immediately. Please remember to return the key card to reception while checking-out.
  • Flowers: Please contact our Holiday Concierge or reception to order flowers for your special days or occasions
  • Suggestions and Wishes: Please fill out the questionnaire through the touch screen for your suggestions, wishes and satisfaction. These information will help us to provide you the best service possible.


  • We ask you kindly to participate to dinners with appropriate clothes. We remind you that guests with shorts, open t-shirts, slippers, flip flops etc. won’t be accepted to restaurant and we thank you for your understanding in advance.
  • In a case where the guests drink too much alcohol and may harm themselves or disturb the others, we have the right not to serve alcohol.
  • Check-in is on 14.00 and check-out is on 11.00. We ask you kindly to complete the checkout process so that the room can be prepared for new incoming guests.
  • We ask you kindly to keep your jewellery, money or other valuable items in safe box. We do not take any responsibility for the items that are lost outside of the safe box.
  • We ask you kindly to call the reception “9” in case of an emergency.
  • We ask you kindly not to take any food or beverage from outside into hotel for health and safety risks.
  • We ask you kindly not to bring your room towels to pool and beach areas and not to walk into lobby with bathrobes.
  • Once you check into the room, please read the emergency information and exit plans on the backside of the door.
  • Once you check into the room, please be aware of emergency exists’, fire-extinguisher’s and alarms whereabouts.
  • We remind you that we have to share our log files in our system with the law authorities in a case, where it is inspected that illegal material is being downloaded or seen.
  • We ask you kindly not to wear any swimming suits in Bar, Blue Bar, Lobby, Reception, Main Restaurant and in our Tasting Restaurant.